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Brazilian photographer exhibits in Paris

A tribute to the Yanomami Indians

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Paris is hosting the largest exhibition dedicated to the work of Claudia Andujar, a Photographer and Brazilian activist who dedicated five decades of her life to photographing and protecting the Yanomami, one of the largest indigenous people in Brazil. They live in the Amazon forest, on the border with Venezuela. In the 1970s, gold was discovered on its territory and since then the Yanomami culture is being threatened. The struggle of this people is told in Images by Andujar, in an exhibition entitled A Luta dos Yanomami (The Struggle of the Yanomami). There are more than 300 photographs, many unpublished, an audiovisual installation, drawings of artists from the indigenous group and historical documents, in a tribute to the Indians and the forest they inhabit, to visit at the Cartier Foundation of Contemporary Art, until May 10th, 2020.
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