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Mercado dos Lavradores

A riot of colours, scents and flavours

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From the outside, you can see a building marked by the architecture of the Estado Novo period, in a style that swings between Art Deco, from the 1930s, and Modernism. But once inside, the colours, sounds, scents and flavours take you back to another time. Something that can’t be named. Full of bustle, joy and life. The enchantment is immediate. It is enough to see photos of the stalls with fruit piled up to make you want to visit the Mercado dos Lavradores market, which is located right within the historic centre of Funchal. Opened on November 25, 1940, with a covered area of 9600 sqm, the aim behind architect’s Edmundo Tavares’ design was a large supply hub for the 25,000 inhabitants of that time. Today, delights the many tourists who come to the island every day, attracted by the exotic fruits, fresh meat and fish, spices, handicrafts and florists dressed in traditional Madeiran folk costume. The whole setting is irresistible. 

Today, it primarily delights many tourists, attracted by the exotic fruits, the fresh meat and fish, the spices, the handicrafts

The interior space is organised into small market squares, streets and steps. Fish and meat are sold on the ground floor, while tropical fruits, vegetables, spices and handicrafts are on the first floor. Everything is done to perfection and eye-catching. Just like an art gallery. With the advantage that here you can taste before buying the best and most typical fruits of the region. You’ll find passionfruit-bananas, banana-prata, Latundan banana, tabaibo, cherimoya, guava, Monstera Deliciosa fruit, physalis, passion fruit, pitaya, tamarillo, figs, papaya, grapes, pêro da ponta do pargo, loquat, strawberry guava, and others. 
Decorating the fish counters and the main entrance, near Rua do Dr. Fernão de Ornelas, the busiest street in Madeira’s capital, are several Faiança Batisttini de Maria de Portugal tiled panels, painted with regional themes by João Rodrigues, and produced at the Sacavém Fábrica de Loiça ceramics factory. A site well worth visiting.
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