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Portuguese Startup launches international programme

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YourBestLife is a portuguese startup whose main project is a pioneer homonym programme, focused on trips, that aims personal achievement and its impact in communities. Inspired by a personal project, the international programme – YourBestLife - , which is open for registration since the end of February - , is for international participants, aged between 18 and 35, with the following profiles: traveller, new-traveller, adventurous, communicator, story teller, story writer and a supporter of social causes. The aspiration of getting candidates from all over the world, to create a different culture group , seems to be coming true, judging by the dissemination that has been done in North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe, Australia and Oceania. The U.S.A, Mexico, China, India and Brazil were, in this order, the countries with the highest number of references to the programme launched by the portuguese startup. The programme, whose goal is to develop interpersonal competences, impact local communities and inspire with stories and actions, focuses on three fundamental pillars: Integration & Entertainment; Social Impact; and Professional Path. The trip will last six months, starting in February 2020, and will take seven contestants to Costa Rica, Peru, South Africa, Reunion Island, India, Buton, Myanmar, Indonesia, Ireland and Portugal. Registration is now open until November 2019 at


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