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Bossa Nova in Miguel Laffan at Atlântico Bar & Restaurant

Music and flavours

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To the sound of Bossa Nova and Miguel Laffan’s gastronomic creations, Sunday lunch on 10 February, may become one of those life moments that stay in your mind forever. The project, developed by We Host You, has focused in a tour around several spaces and this time, taking Camila Masiso and Diogo Guanabara’s music to Miguel Laffan at Atlântico Bar & Restaurante, in Estoril. The chef who was born in Cascais but soon set off on his voyage to discovery, believes that we must mix irreproachable flavours to the sweet balance of Bossa Nova, add the wavy horizon of the sea, so that our senses get fulfilled.
Laff­an tries to honour the Portuguese tradition, embracing a continuous discovery of flavours, influences and traditions, promoting meetings, exploring exoticism and news, improbable marriages, ancestral wedding rings. On its menu, sea flavours predominate, approving what, in a certain way, he says about himself.– he has learnt everything from the sea – even if those dishes «Do Talho para a Grelha» (From the butcher’s to the grill) are a constant.


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