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In isolation? bbGourmet can help!

Takeaway services and home deliveries - Porto

Even though the five physical spaces to seat and eat are temporarily closed, due to contingency measures because of the pandemic, bbGourmet continues with a takeaway service and home deliveries. The five spaces are in Porto, although only three – bbgourmet Antas, bbgourmet Mallorca (Boavista) and bbgourmet Bolhão – currently have these services. In addition to the normal catering service (unavailable for now), the various restaurants, have ready-to-eat meals, pre-cooked vacuum-packed meals that last up to 30 days, traditional bakery and pastry, and groceries. Takeaway and home delivery services run every day from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm and offer a wide range of juicy dishes. To order, simply go to From 30 minutes to an hour is the time bbGourmet needs to do home delivering with all the hygiene and safety.
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