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Memoria restaurant

Italian Flavours you won't forget

Royal Villas Adv.

«Remembering is easy for those who have memory. Forgetting is hard for those who have a heart». This is a quote from William Shakespeare that is written in the menu of the new restaurant «Memoria» in Campo de Ourique, Lisbon. This project from Non Basta Group aims to recall childhood flavours and create new memories around the table. The intent is to recreate past experiences, not only in terms of flavours, but also in terms of space and environment, transmitting the diners the feeling of having been there before.  As far as flavours are concerned, the memories are stimulated through ancestral dishes from the Italian cuisine, a concept of Italian osteria/trattoria shared by the two Pasta Non Basta (Alvalade and Elias Garcia). 
As the nerve centre of every authentic Italian houses, the kitchen occupies a prominent place, right at the entrance, just after the red door at number 26A in Rua 4 da Infantaria. In the room, the neutral tones and the marbles prevail, in contrast with the Red lamps that enhance the elegance and timelessness of the space. At the back, the restaurant also has two areas of terrace ready to welcome summer. At the table, unforgettable flavours will be served.

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