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Humberto Barbosa

«I had the opportunity to achieve all my goals»

He was born on the island of Madeira 58 years ago. Although his childhood dream, in the future, was being able to provide more longevity and health, he was far from imagining that one day the dream would come true. Humberto Barbosa can look back over a 35-year career in the field of nutrition and opened the Clínica do Tempo® almost 12 years ago. The exclusive facets of the six units of the Clinic have already won them important international awards, on a path trodden by himself, a huge team and his son Tomás, who today is following in his successful steps.

What is Clínica do Tempo® all about?
Clínica do Tempo® is a project that provides a special programme to help people delay their biological clock, eliminate excess fat and acquire healthier lifestyle habits.

What does this programme consist of?
It includes the Food and Behavioural Re-education Programme with Body Modelling. It all begins with an orthomolecular check-up and a body composition analysis. Filling in what is missing in the body and removing what there is excess of represent a huge step towards becoming a healthier person.

Are there any new developments in terms of medical and/or technological innovations?
We pay particular attention to removing excess fat in the programme, because cardiovascular diseases are the world biggest killers. Clínica do Tempo® always has the latest technological innovations, highlighted by two exclusive technologies: Liposhaper®, which is the first totally non-invasive ‘liposuction’; and Eternus®, the first totally non-invasive ‘lifting’.

«Clínica do Tempo® always has the latest technological innovations»

In recent years, you have opened more units. Where are they?
We currently have six units open: in Maputo; in Parede – in  an exclusive villa facing the sea; in Lisbon, on the inconic Avenida Liberdade; in Oporto, on the Avenida Boavista; in the Algarve; in Almancil; and in Leiria. We will have more news in 2020.  

What led you to choose the most expensive avenue in Portugal to set up your latest clinic? Does it have to do with the international award you received?
That was indeed the main reason. At the World Quality Commitment in Paris, Clínica do Tempo® received, for the second year in a row, an International Award for Quality and Excellence as World Leader in Anti-Aging and Non-Invasive ‘Liposuction’ after winning the same award in New York the year before. The best clinic in the world in these fields could only be on the best avenue in Portugal.

While being healthy is the greatest luxury, it is true that many areas of health and wellness are synonymous with luxury. What is luxury for you?
It is a fact that the greatest luxury one could ever have is health and the time to enjoy it. However, the Clínica do Tempo® programme is affordable for anyone. The only difference is that a person from a lower income class can pay for their treatment in several instalments, according to their means, without any additional interest or charges. 

Who is Dr Humberto Barbosa, the man behind the project? What assessment would you make of your 35-year career and what new projects do you have for the future? 
I am a simple person who has had the dream of helping people to live longer and healthier since childhood. My assessment is a truly positive one, because I had the opportunity to achieve all the goals I set myself. I have also been fortunate to be able to guarantee the future of Clínica do Tempo® through the excellent work currently undertaken by my son Tomás, who has the same skills as I have. The future for me is the present because the minute that has just passed is already part of the past. Many people are so obsessed with planning the future that they forget to live in the present.
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