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Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London

Brilliant renovation with the involvement of BEC

The Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, in London, a vintage building from the 19th century in the heart of England’s capital, has undergone thorough renovation work, which was carried out in two phases, between November 2016 and May 2019. The 12,000 square metre project, comprising all the rooms and public areas, including restaurants, bars and the spa, was designed by architecture firm PURCELL, while the interior design was entrusted to Joyce Wang Studio and Thiany Design. Portuguese company BEC and PLENDI, from VINCI Construction, were involved in the construction element, signing a partnership agreement to this end. BEC was responsible for supplying and installing all interior doors, including the automatic closing mechanisms, all bedroom and corridor mouldings, supplying and installing floors, acoustic partition walls of the penthouses and all fire doors.
Among other works, BEC was responsible for the supply and installation of all interior doors and floors.
The refurbishment, which was carried out while the iconic hotel was still operating, was a huge challenge for everyone one involved in the process, but this was more than overcome, as the best solutions and materials were combined with luxury, comfort and elegance, attributed that are part of the historic hotel’s DNA. This exemplary renovation was given a Silver Award at the BIM Awards, in the International category. Thus, what was already splendid was reborn with even more splendour!

T. Maria Amélia Pires
P. Cédric Tosoni