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Miramonti Boutique Hotel

A dream hidden in the Dolomites

Carmen loves the extraordinary, sensuality and paying attention to detail. Klaus loves the power of nature, the changing seasons, and the value of peaceful resistance. Together they have travelled the globe, enjoying valuable experiences and making their dreams come true. When you put an idea into practice, life assumes moments of euphoria, when reality and dream meet, and others of concern and desire of being able to meet every expectation. In this dialectic, discovering the world, they have specialised in the simplicity of the art of hospitality. And when on their tour of the world the owners of the Miramonti Boutique Hotel composed their greatest desire: to combine the unique beauty of South Tyrol with the special things in life. Together they have created a retreat, a kingdom of peace, which satisfies every desire. An Alpine refuge, which immediately enchants you. Far away from everyday life. Very close to nature.
It brings the senses to a halt for instants. The noises that make up your days fade away... Your eye now fills with a sublime emptiness that unites it with the most beautiful peaks of the Dolomites. The colours vary with the position of the seasons. Amazement remains before the transcendence of the place. The only vertigo that you may have to tackle is that of the Shangri-La of Europe stretching out at your feet, a harmonious and mystical valley, easily home to paradise. Soak up the blue, green, white, the unique ochre of the rocks, breathe deeply the aromas that fill the breeze and listen to the sounds of time passing unhurriedly by.


The sound of the bell tower of the church of Saint Catherine, to its left, echoes throughout the valley in a relationship of eternal recurrence with the rocks of the mountain that fashioned its structure. To your right, your refuge, combining tranquillity and nature, luxury and simplicity, tradition and modernity. A place that nurtures cosiness, quality and the individuality, filling every detail with exceptional good taste and refinement.
In a world full of breakneck changes, the Miramonti Boutique Hotel is a place full of peace where time slows down. Hard to find in Merano, in the Dolomites, right in the heart of the Italian Alps, but much harder to forget, because it identifies with you, because it understands your needs and transforms them into magnificent experiences. Perfectly framed by the untouched nature of the mountains, MIRAMONTI is a unique jewel, protected by ochre rocks, like those of the bell tower, on the edge of the forest. Up to 12 hours of sun a day flood the terraces, spas and rooms of your refuge stood at an altitude of 1230 metres. Lean out from your balcony. Revisit scenes from 007 - The Spy Who Loved Me and get carried away by its adrenaline and sensuality: blend outdoor activities with romance, aspire to the peaks as you amble through the soft forest floor. If you prefer, forget Bond and cycle the trails. Travel them on horseback or by Land Rover. Get away from it all and enjoy the sublime beauty of the Miramonti Boutique Hotel, side by side with the bucolic ochre of the bell tower, even more magical in the last rays of the sun.
Come back. Take a dip in the infinity pool, emerge and open your arms to the emptiness. The sun no longer illuminates Saint Catherine, or the idyllic valley before it, only the peaks and the forest more to the east. The colours dim and become even warming. Let the mountains in front of you be reflected in the serenity of the water and watch out for the meadow half way down the hillside, where two or three small shepherd’s shelters can be seen. Here inspiration comes from the bucolic and luxurious simplicity of this place. Relax in the spa, spend time in the sauna or, if you prefer, the Jacuzzi, between logs and fir trees, while never losing sight of either the mountains or the valley, much less the bell tower. And when the light allows you to clearly distinguish The Plough and the orange hue of Mars, reserve table 508 and feast on fine food. Don’t be surprised if the flavours are served in rough containers. The simplicity of luxury is what sets the Miramonti apart. Don’t you remember? Enjoy the careful aesthetics of the flavours and marvel. Once again let yourself be carried away by adrenaline, now from your taste buds.
Retire for the evening. Sit on your balcony or lay back on the duvet: in front of you a huge swathe of starry sky, the vastness of the valley, the majesty of the Alps, towards which Mars is already slipping.
Hard to find, the Miramonti is especially impossible to forget!

T. Maria Amélia Pires
P. Rights Reserved