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Vila Galé Sintra Resort Hotel Conference & Revival SPA

Elegance, health and wellness

Pena Palace stands perched, serene and romantic, on the horizon. Just around the corner, the centre of the historic town of Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Atlantic beaches. If its location weren’t alluring enough, its vocation is an offer impossible to refuse for families and for all those who favour wellness and wellbeing in their lives. This is because Vila Galé Sintra Resort Hotel is a new project that has all the facilities of a hotel, but stands out from the rest for its innovative concept in the area of health.

Its architecture and its elegance, give away the five-star status of this hotel unit, but the classification goes well beyond the great care taken in the facilities. Providing an experience based on six pillars – Food, Fitness, Relax, Mind & Body, Medical, Fun – the hotel’s major goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle, combining medical care, balanced diet, physical and mental health, physical exercise and holistic therapies. In this sense, Vila Galé Sintra Resort Hotel stands out for its varied choice of programmes, with a significant medical component, in the form of its Revival Medical Spa. With a minimum duration of three days, which can be extended, the programmes range from the Relax Programme or the Kids Programme, to more specific programmes, such as Anti-Ageing, Anti-Smoking, Postpartum, or a more personalised programme, Just for U, among others. Programmes guided by qualified professionals from the most diverse areas, such as personal trainers, nutritionists, physicians and psychologists, are joined by a range of medical services in partnership with Cintramédica, which assures specialist consultations.
The holistic therapies offered by the hotel include a choice of massages, such as Ayurvedic, advice in traditional Indian medicine, Reiki therapy, yoga and meditation. Also open to the public, the two restaurants complement this commitment to health and well-being by offering low-calorie buffets, in the restaurant known as Versátil, or light gourmet options in the Inevitável. There is also a diverse entertainment programme, with activities for adults, but also catering to children, inside or outside the Clube Nep.
So much more than a hotel where you sleep, the Vila Galé Sintra Resort Hotel promotes a healthy lifestyle and offers activities for the whole family, ensuring that days are filled with health and happiness. And you’ll still have time to visit the beautiful Sintra area, because Pena Palace is much more than a horizon!

The hotel’s main aim is promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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