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Sardinia introduces itself to the Portuguese market

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Ryanair’s recently inaugurated direct air connection between Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport in Oporto and Cagliari Airport in Sardinia has aroused the interest of the Sardinian Tourist Board in the Portuguese market. «More than an island» is the motto of this Italian region’s promotional campaign, which aims to show its diversity, a «more authentic and unknown Sardinia» and establish itself as one of the finest destinations in the Mediterranean. Just over two hours away from Portugal, Sardinia wants to become one of the destinations of choice for the Portuguese in 2019. To this end, the Intercontinental Hotel in Oporto was the venue chosen to reveal the potential of the island to journalists and tour operators, a charm offensive that included a tasting menu, made by the Sardinian chef Pierluigi Fais, which provided a typical gastronomic experience of the island. The Sardinian Tourism Board used the event to emphasise an unknown reality: a Sardinia rich in history and culture, its stunning landscapes and its gastronomic and wine specialities.


T. Maria Amélia Pires
P. Rights Reserved
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