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Louis Vuitton

The Art of Travel

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Dedicated to The Art of Travel, Louis Vuitton's latest campaign offers a creative insight into a travel diary, with photographer Angelo Pennetta capturing the models Rianne Van Rompaey, Fei Fei Sun and Kit Butler in some of the most striking landscapes of Vietnam. The images express the magic of each trip and represent the most iconic models of Louis Vuitton's leather goods collection, such as the iconic Steamer, the latest shopper On The Go and the models Alma in Epi skin and Petite Malle. This campaign, which will be present in the October editions of magazines around the world, has revealed a new series of images for the November editions and aims to convey the importance of dreams and freedom, two of the fundamental values of the French brand. The sense of immediate departure, present on all trips, is an invitation from Louis Vuitton to focus on the fundamental and essential aspects of life.

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