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MeisterSinger Vintago

The elegance of times that are gone

MeisterSinger, a watchmaker company based in Münster, Germany, specializes in single-pointer mechanical watches, for those who do not need to count time in seconds. The MeisterSinger collection includes 21 different lines with over 70 models; some already awarded design prizes such as the Red Dot Award or German Design Award. One of these lines is Vintago which, as its name implies, takes us on a journey into the past, incorporating the design lines of an elegant era. A purely functional typography and dome-shaped flat glass on the unadorned dial are characteristics of the language of the 1960s. The finely brushed stainless steel case and its discreet 38mm diameter are also typical of that decade. Finally, the carefully designed crown also refers to these past years. However, Vintago's design is at the same time quite contemporary. The curved pointer rotates under a multi-level dial, thus adding more depth to its geometric look. The generous arched segment of the date display is not in the centre. Both the shape and content are typical of MeisterSinger, since the user has a five-day overview and a small point to mark the current date. In the four versions of Vintago (white, ivory, blue and black), the tint of the date disc and the colour of the numbers were chosen in order to match the dial. Vintago is planned based on the vintage qualities of a good Port wine, improving as it ages. At the bottom of the box, resistant to water up to 50 meters, the glass window reveals the Swiss movement that inhabits in Vintago: the automatic Sellita SW200-1. The four models are available with a calf leather leather strap that matches the colour of the dial.

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