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Nissan shows acoustic meta-material

Quieter cars

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Nissan presented a new sound insulation material, known as meta-acoustic material, which can help make car cabins quieter at the same time that strengthens energy efficiency. This presentation took place at CES 2020. This new compound combines a reticular structure and plastic film to control air vibrations and limit broadband noise transmission (500-1200 Hz), such as road and motor noise. Currently, most of the materials used to isolate this frequency band consist mainly of a rubber plate, a very heavy material. Nissan's new acoustic meta-material weighs a quarter of the traditional, providing the same degree of insulation. Nissan began the research for this technology in 2008, when it was used in high sensitivity antennas used in electromagnetic wave investigation. The manufacturer then worked to increase the applicability of this technology, which resulted in the successful invention of acoustic meta-material.

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