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Tiago Alves

CEO of Olhar de Prata

He was born in Lisbon and the world of optics caught his interest from an early age. He began by taking a technical course, before joining Grand Vision, while simultaneously finishing a degree in optometry. Combining his interest and education in optics with his fascination for fashion and luxury, in 2010 Tiago Alves opened the first Olhar de Prata store. This was followed by others, and 2017 marked a particularly successful year for the company: the opening of its first concept shop on the Avenida da Liberdade, in Lisbon, and a shop in the Algarve, in the Vila Vita Parc Resort.
Tiago Alves
What led you to found Olhar de Prata and what is the reason behind investing in a fashion and luxury concept? 
Optics is our family business and I have always had a special taste for unique items, alternatives to the global market, and for luxury. Olhar de Prata was an opportunity to explore this concept within a field that I was very familiar with.

Olhar de Prata recently developed an eyewear collection in partnership with fashion designer Filipe Faísca. Is this type of partnership important for the company and will there be more of them?
Filipe Faísca wanted something very unusual and bold. It was a great challenge to develop something so special and it gave us great satisfaction to forge this partnership in the creation of such a striking piece. This type of partnership will undoubtedly continue.

How does technology go hand in hand with Olhar de Prata? 
Olhar de Prata is not just about fashion and luxury. In its essence it is an optician’s, so its health aspect guides our service. As no two eyes are the same, we are constantly renewing our equipment to better gauge the correction needed for each customer. We make corrective glasses with unique personalised lenses, exclusively for each customer’s eyes.
«Olhar de Prata is not just about fashion and luxury. In its essence it is an optician’s, so its ‘health’ aspect guides our service»
What sets Olhar de Prata apart from other opticians?
The entire experience of a visit to one of the Olhar de Prata stores is different. Research into the latest innovations in eyewear fashion worldwide is of great concern, resulting in a portfolio of brands that offers not only diversity but also style and design, in line with the latest trends. In addition to the eyewear collections and lifestyle products, our personalised service and all associated services are of exceptional standards.

Any plans to expand the company on the horizon, in particular the opening of new stores?
Last October we took a major leap when we opened our Concept Store on the Avenida da Liberdade and this year, on July 18, we opened a boutique in the Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa, in the Algarve.

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