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The world Handicap System for 2020

The WHS – World Handicap System will be fairer and inclusive

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They were presented by R&A and USGA, in collaboration with the EGA and the five other handicap authorities, the main elements for the World Handicap System (WHS – World Handicap System). The Portuguese Golf Federation has directly supported and contributed to the development of the WHS project. This new system will unify the six handicap systems, currently existing in the world, in a single global handicap system, providing a more consistent method to measure game ability. WHS intends to be an inclusive system that welcomes players from different backgrounds and profiles – a system that is fair, solid, one that gets everyone's trust, has clear concepts, and that allows to foster the consistency and portability of the handicap. Along 2019 there has been preparation as well as a period of tests that should be extended even throughout 2020. The conduct of these experimental tests will bring more information on the subsequent entry into force date, expected to occur in 2020. The Portuguese Golf Federation will continue to communicate on the planning of the implementation in the next semesters. Given the magnitude of the global project, it is expected to get different implementation timings in the different countries.

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