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Take a Walk in Her Shoes

Atlanta Mocassin promove ajuda a mulheres negligenciadas

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Take a Walk in Her Shoes is the name of the campaign Atlanta Mocassin has launched in partnership with Associação Projecto Criar to symbolize International Women’s Day. March is the month of this campaign, which will be entirely dedicated to women. Its intention is to alert and promote the help over neglected women, under various ways, through the intervention of Associação Projecto Criar. Based in the city of Oporto, the Association, apart from gathering strength towards children’s rights to be respected and taken seriously in our society, families and all the institutions, it also helps women and their families in areas such as legal, clinical and social nature, while offended and victims of sexual harassment, mistreatment, domestic violence and traffic of human beings.
That’s why, for any item from the Women Originals collection purchased online (https://atlantamocassin.com), a donation will be given to Associação Projecto Criar. The choice for this collection wasn’t at random, as its timelessness outstands, joining the genesis of the 32 year-old brand.
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