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Frida Kahlo

A journey into the life of the Mexican painter

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The journey between the artist’s talent, passions and difficulties are on display at the immersive exhibition Frida Kahlo, a Vida de Um Ícone - Frida Kahlo, the Life of an Icon - at Alfândega do Porto, until June 30. This cultural collection recounts the journey of the Mexican painter’s life (1907-1954). Get ready to enter a world where many flowers, portraits, candles and candle holders welcome those who appreciate her story and her art.

Frida was born in Coyacán, Mexico. In this exhibition we delve into the memories of this woman, who was, and will continue to be, one of the icons of the arts. Photographs, original videos of the artist’s life, music, and virtual reality are part of what can been seen in this exhibition. It is an immersive experience that enables us to discover the artist’s biography. A work that deals with the passage through life of the most talented of Mexican artists, and the Portuguese public can now see it.  
We embark on this journey of Frida Kahlo, the Life of an Icon, through the vast series of works, historical photographic collections, original films, art installations and music that portray great moments in Frida Kahlo’s life. In addition to this, visitors to the exhibition can also enjoy a digital and immersive sphere that invites you to discover the artist’s story. The experience lasts a little over an hour and is a playful and educational bonus for anyone wishing to take part in this adventure. The tour starts at the Sala da República, on the first floor of the Alfândega do Porto building, «and then you just walk through the various artistic installations, equipped with interactive and participatory experiences, with virtual reality, holographic animations and video mapping on sculptures». The 360º audiovisual show in the Furnas da Alfândega is a «digital immersion bath», which lasts half an hour.

Life and work of the Mexican artist who became an icon of the arts

The life of this artist continues to be an inspiration for many people in modern times, for her example of overcoming adversities, thanks to her strength and rebelliousness and, at the same time, for her innate talent. She revealed herself as the owner of a unique personality, always ahead of her time. That is why this artistic exhibition presents paintings that marked her existence, as well as several chronological elements that take us back to her time. Here, you can see the level of her creativity, her capacity for resistance and resilience, the whims and loves of her life, even if this is only a small sample of how much Frida was.
Take a break from your time and go to see part of the life of this incredible woman, who left her mark on our world, from 2:30 pm to 7:30 pm, Wednesday to Sunday. Tickets to see Frida Kahlo, a Vida de Um Ícone range from €10 to €14. Tickets ‘packs’ cost between €14 and €19.5 – for entry to the immersive exhibitions at the Alfândega. This exhibition results from a partnership between the Ideal Barcelona gallery, where the exhibition began last December, the Frida Kahlo Corporation and the creative studio Layers of Reality. Let yourself be enchanted by Frida Kahlo’s story. More information on the website.

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