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Adriano Nogueira Pinto

«Clients are increasingly exacting»

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Portugal is all the rage, which is why it is increasingly stamping its mark on the luxury real estate map. Adriano Nogueira Pinto, national and international coordinating director of DS PRIVATE, the new powerful brand of the DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES group, speaks to Villas&Golfe, assessing the real estate market, which has been going through major changes, which has been improving with the demands of clients, with the professionalism and well-defined strategies of the companies. In the case of DS PRIVATE, which was created to cater to the premium segment, the focus has also been exclusivity and ongoing attention to detail. So that every client feels just what they are – unique.


How and why did DS PRIVATE come about?
DS PRIVATE is a brand integrated within the DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES Group, which has more than 18 years of activity in Portugal and around 340 outlets of the different brands distributed throughout the country.
In an increasingly competitive world, and with an eye to specialisation, we have created a brand to operate in the real estate area, targeting the premium and luxury segments. The commitment to a special service, of high professional calibre, distinctive, elegant, attentive to detail, in which each client is unique and exclusive, is the signature of this new brand, which thus aims to make a difference in the real estate sector, ensuring exclusivity and attention to the tiniest wish of our client.
DS PRIVATE also operates in the areas of credit intermediation, an area that is part of the DNA of the group and which has deservedly been highlighted by partners and clients, and in the construction of real estate, offering turnkey construction solutions in the most different configurations and using state-of-the-art technology and sustainability. 

The high-end market has been changing its view of luxury. What are the main challenges for DS PRIVATE at this moment?
Luxury is priceless. Luxury is becoming more democratic. The brands themselves are increasing their sales. However, their products and services are becoming similar and subsequently losing value. What sets things apart is the way employees show their friendliness and charm when it comes to selling products, with the aim of conveying happiness to their customers. There is a new era of luxury, in which there is not just one luxury, but several luxuries at different levels, with purchase possibilities for practically all consumers. The differences between the concept of luxury and the new luxury have made the unaffordable affordable. The growth in demand and sales of «new luxury» products does not happen by chance. It has to do with several demographic and cultural changes: increase in consumer salaries; changes in family structures; increase in the number of divorces; increase in the level of education, sophistication; increase in people’s emotional awareness, which leads consumers to increasingly understand what they want and how they can satisfy their needs.

«There is a new era of luxury, in which there is not just one luxury, but rather several luxuries» 

What makes your brand stand out the most on the market?
A brand should be, above all else, a benefit, a mission, a reason for being. DS PRIVATE, besides being committed to being unique, exclusive, personalised and highly managed customer support process, aims to bring, as much to vendor clients as to purchasers, a close yet dynamic relationship, with an analysis of the market and of the different players, directing and advising its clients for the best decision making at each moment, be it from the point of view of the sale, the purchase or an investment process aiming at future profitability. The fact that the company coalesces various business areas grants it a greater control of the process, with the addition of advantageous solutions, whether in the process of credit intermediation, construction, life insurance or even concierge services. We also intend to bring our clients unique and exclusive experiences, making them carefree and, at the same time, guaranteeing the recurrent quality of the service offered. 

How does DS PRIVATE intend to impact the national and international luxury real estate sector?
With the constant evolution of IT technologies and platforms, we see a need for luxury brand stores to improve, with regard to their monitoring. Work techniques, customer approaches and marketing used at every stage have to follow a determined and very well-thought-out strategy. Clients are increasingly exacting and do not forgive shortcomings.
Today, the market is divided into distinct groups of buyers with different needs, characteristics or behaviours, which may require customised products or marketing mixes. These consumers may have differences in terms of wishes, practices and attitudes towards consumption, resources, locations, among others. By recognising these differences, organisations can achieve greater efficiency in the marketing activities they implement.

«We are citizens of the world and it is in the world that we want to be» 

We know that you have an expansion plan in mind. Can you tell us a bit about the future?
If 2021 was the year of the beginning of the brand’s activity in Portugal – the truth is that about 50% of the national expansion objective has been achieved –, this year we will continue that same expansion plan and consolidate the brand. It is also true that, since its launch, it has aroused great interest abroad. It no surprise, therefore, that since last year several conversations have been started with a view to international expansion, which will continue during the current year. Portugal’s attractiveness as the most southerly country in Europe, the typical hospitality of the Portuguese, safety, the 200 days of sunshine and the competitiveness of the market, make us unique partners within the international area. On the other hand, the business model we possess and our knowledge of it make us ‘appealing’ partners in other countries, creating synergies and attracting business and investment at international level. At the same time, we are not only attracted to Portugal. After all, we are citizens of the world and it is in the world that we want to be.

The company’s balance sheet for 2021 was quite positive. What are the prospects for this year?
2022 will be the year of consolidation of the brand in Portugal. From then onwards, we not only have the duty to keep on paying attention to the evolution and follow-up of our outlets, but also to look to the world, embracing new entrepreneurs and challenges that will surely make us bigger and of an international dimension.

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