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Douro voted as one of the best world destinations for 2020

Addis Ababa tops the list which has now been released

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Portugal has gone from a rather unknown country, especially for those living in distant countries, to a popular destination and an icon of tourism. This state of grace, which has been achieved in the last decade, seems to be here to stay. Travel + Leisure, a renowned travel magazine, ranked the unmissable destinations to be visited in 2020, and Portugal, in addition to being included in the list that puts Addis Ababa first, is in the Top 20, with the Douro River in the spotlight. The publication refers to specific tours on the Douro River to illustrate what the suggested experience consists of, and what visitors can count on. Porto comes in 18th position, a place above Dubai, despite the latter receiving a colossal international exhibition in 2020.

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