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Metal sector has registered record exports

Exports to Germany were the ones that have most risen

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The Association of Metallurgical, Metallomechanical and Related Industrialists of Portugal (AIMMAP) announced that the metal sector registered a new record of exports in 2019, worth 19,590 million EUR, which most contributed to Portuguese GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The main destination countries were Spain, Germany and France, with a value of 4,723 million, 3,265 million EUR and 3,034 million EUR, respectively. In relation to growth, exports to Germany rose the most, with about 11.2%, followed by Spain, with an 8.8% growth in exported volume, and France, with 4.9%. One head of that Association said that «the sector continues to prove its vitality», adding, however, that the challenge of continuing to grow outside Europe was only «partially achieved», since exports to the United States, the market outside the European Union, remained at the same values as the previous year.

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