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Rangel ensures flights from China to Portugal

The company minimizes constraints caused by COVID-19

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COVID-19 has already caused constraints that have never been experienced before by none of us and one of them has to do with airports and land borders, preventing products, materials and equipment that are essential to the proper functioning of the Portuguese economy, especially in the area of Health, from reaching Portugal in the essential speed. Because of being its business area, and also because these are the challenges it recently faces on a daily basis, requiring an increased responsibility, Rangel Logistics Solutions, which has been contacted by several companies that need transport from China to Portugal, decided to focus all its efforts on finding solutions, using all its know-how to organize direct charter flights from China to Portugal, so that goods do not pass through central Europe and at the same time avoiding delays and same load locks. The initiative is to consolidate all these market needs, getting enough schedules to allow direct flights, reducing traffic times, as a large part of these goods are addressed to various entities that need their loads urgently.
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