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Refinement, harmony and elegance

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Maison Perrier-Jouët was established in 1811, the result of the union between Pierre-Nicolas Perrier and Adèle Jouët. With the house came elegant, perfectly honed, floral champagnes, developing a savoir faire that has passed from generation to generation. Since 1993 Hervé Deschamps has been the seventh Maître de Chai Perrier-Jouët. He views each champagne as a work of art, created when intuition, sensitivity, and skill converge to the same end: creation. If these wines are a legacy of artistic heritage, then each cuvée is painstakingly made, the result of expert craftsmanship influenced by Art Nouveau. But the quality and refinement obtained in each tasting is also due to the quality of the maison’s vineyards, located in the heart of the ‘Magic Triangle’ of the Champagne region.
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