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Winemaker Márcio Lopes doubly awarded

«Thank you, Master Anselmo Mendes!»

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This year all the spotlight turned to winemaker Márcio Lopes, who won the Enólogo Revelação do Ano 2019 and Singularidade 2019 awards, by Revista de Vinhos – A Essência do Vinho magazine and by Vinho – Grandes Escolhas magazine  respectively, having been the only professional in the world of wine to be doubly awarded at these Galas. Producing his own wines for ten years (in Douro’s Green Wine Region and even in Ribeira Sacra, Spain), Márcio Lopes has had a journey of extreme dedication, with scarce resources, but one goal: excellence. Wines without masks, authentic, that express the best of nature and promise unforgettable moments at the table. «I confess that 15 years ago I wanted to make Port Wine and go to the Douro region, but I ended up making my real harvest in Melgaço, with the winemaker Anselmo Mendes. I picked up the grapes, worked in the cellar, carried hoses, pumps, I carried a hoe in the middle of the vineyard. And today I say: thank you Master Anselmo Mendes, for teaching me how to do something special out of little things», said the award-winning winemaker.
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