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The story that turns into artistic inspiration

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More than a building, more than a gallery, more than a studio... The Nini Andrade Silva Design Centre is art, design, culture, history and ‘sustenance’, where we are allowed «to connect what seems increasingly disconnected: body and soul, matter and thought».
Opened in 2015, the Nini Andrade Silva Design Centre is located in the city of Funchal, in the ‘Molhe’ building – Fortaleza da Nossa Senhora da Conceição. And it is in this space – once home to the sea navigator and coloniser of the Madeira Archipelago, Gonçalves Zarco – that the history of Madeira and the career of one of its most beloved ‘daughters’ is honoured. And it is from the story of the «Garota do Calhau» (Pebble Girl) that this space starts, built on top of a rock, where we can see the creation and combination of various stones on stones, contributing to the history that is made collective. «This rock connected to the Port of Funchal, which was once an islet, carries inside me everything that has to do with my life...»
Nini Andrade Silva was born in Funchal and is currently one of the most renowned interior designers in the world, having followed an enviable career path that goes beyond the barriers of simple design or product arrangement. Her work speaks beyond inspiration, it has life and exudes sensitivity and delicacy, imbuing, in every place it touches, essence and meaning. Therefore, the genesis of the Nini Andrade Silva Design Centre lies in the designer’s career and work, mirrored in an exhibition that is part of her private collection and aims to explain «the history and culture of Madeira and its powerful connection to the history of the sea». An exhibition of products that reflects the designer’s vast and varied work, from architecture and interior design, to furniture and even painting. Besides this permanent exhibition, this space also has room for several other temporary exhibitions, becoming a hub and laboratory of ideas, where ideas and art can be expressed. And there is also a restaurant where you can indulge and enjoy the panoramic view over Madeira Island; or a lounge café, with a breath-taking view over the Atlantic Ocean. Completing the trilogy of dream landscapes, here, there is also a small studio with a view of the mountain, which, not being her usual place of work, is nonetheless one of the places of inspiration for the designer. Several awards and distinctions on display complete the Design Centre, as well as an exhibition of the various national and international publications in which Nini Andrade Silva has appeared, enhancing, once again, the impressive artistic mark she has already made and will continue to make in Portugal and beyond.
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