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Maktub Pub

The best sunset of Madeira 

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Madeira, voted Europe’s best island destination at the World Travel Awards, in 2020, is one of Portugal’s most popular regions to visit in the summer. They say that the best sunset on the island can be seen at Paul do Mar. They also say that, with luck, you might even catch a glimpse of the «green ray», the magical greenish flash, at the exact moment when the sun is swallowed by the sea. And there are also those who guarantee that there is no better place to watch this unique spectacle of nature than the Maktub restaurant-bar, stood at the very last spot with a beach on that side of the coast of the fishing village, in Calheta. 
But it’s not just the view that makes it famous. Apart from the famous mojitos, caipirinhas and other cooling drinks that go down so well at the end of a hot day, everything else on the menu is a surprise. The Arabic word «Maktub» means «it was written» or «it was outlined». But the only thing you know when you make a reservation – those who’ve been there ensure us –, is that, whatever the menu – and it needs to be said that it’s different every day –, the experience will be wonderful. There is always a meat dish, a fish dish and a vegetarian dish. Everything depends on what the market and the sea «might give». And for each one of them, whose presentation will make anyone’s mouth water, great care is taken to add ingredients from the region. 
Fábio Afonso, son of the owner, tells us that the inspiration to open Maktub came from a trip across the Atlantic with his father, «from Madeira, to the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, the Caribbean...». «In 2000 we already had a guest house in the parish of Jardim do Mar. Ten years later we opened the bar.»

There is always a meat dish, a fish dish and a vegetarian dish. Everything depends on what the market and the sea «might give».

Surfers are regular customers. You can often see them on the opposite wall, across the road, glass in hand, watching the beautiful sunset. The fame of the colourful building facing the street, often characterised as laid-back thanks to its good music and good vibes, has spread, by word of mouth, all over the island, reaching the Internet and now to be found a little all over the world, through the many tourists who have enjoyed good moments there. To be lucky enough to get a place, you should call and make a reservation. This spot, awash with the salty scent of the sea, is especially recommended for those who like to keep simple but unforgettable moments in their memory.
Filomena Abreu
T. Filomena Abreu
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