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O Paparico

Creative flavours of Portugal

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Although the street housing it stands out for its length alone, and from outside it looks like a family residence, O Paparico, on Rua Cabral Cabral, in Oporto, has long since been discovered by those who appreciate good food and love to be surprised.
It came to life through the hands of a restless and enterprising man, who, from an early age, became accustomed to the tasks of hospitality, since his parents had always been working in this field. At the age of 12 Sérgio Cambas was already working in his parents’ restaurant. At the age of 16, together with a cousin, he opened his own space, and life – which included attending Oporto Hotel School and many other training courses, and which involved work experience in several European countries, in renowned eateries – flowed in his favour. On one of his trips to Portugal, and at the age of just 23, Sérgio spotted O Paparico, which was for sale and, encouraged by his father, bought it. Full of ideas, and working in the kitchen and front of house at the same time, he came across customers, who were used to the old restaurant. As obstacles are always a driving force for learning and a trigger for success, Sérgio embarked on a slow process, rejuvenating the space, attracting new customers and going from one to 18 employees.

A team of accredited young people places its focus on the customer, reinventing traditional Portuguese gastronomy, making it modern without losing touch with its roots.
The stone of the walls and the timber of the ceilings provide the setting for chandeliers, old cupboards, photographs – an ‘old’ world that combines with the modernity of impeccably laid tables. The main room, along with forthcoming smiles, welcomes you. There are two more rooms, one quieter and smaller and another for just six people. Between them all stands a bar, with a selection of spirits unlike anywhere else in Oporto.
A team of young people with credentials in the most diverse areas (chefs and pastry chefs, sommelier, customer services, etc.), but always eager to learn more, ceaselessly on the lookout for the best being done in the country and the world, place their focus on the customer, reinventing traditional Portuguese gastronomy, making it modern without losing touch with its roots. Open for dinner and with tasting menus, which are always different and based on the freshest produce, O Paparico is one of the best restaurants in the city, due to its fine food, its extensive wine list and the impeccable service that truly pampers all its customers.

T. Maria Amélia Pires
P. Rights Reserved
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