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O Quintal Restaurant

Tradition and creativity on the table

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Opened in December 2016, it is part of a dream of a young girl with a degree in pharmaceutical sciences. O Quintal (The yard) is in Amadora, at Bernardim Ribeiro street, where formerly there was actually a yard where Margaret Breia played as a child. The family house, nearby, was always the meeting point of friends, who always found hot food on the table. Influenced by this family house, always filled with snacks and supported by her parents, Margaret visualised that area, in the takeover process at the time, as a chance to fulfil her dream. On the table, she doesn't put the large platters of food that existed in her parents ' house, but snacks and other family recipes reinvented and original. It wasn't long until O Quintal 5B’s doorbell didn't stop ringing. Earlier this year, coming directly from the Sheraton Lisbon, Chef David Coelho, who in previous years had already been a consultant of O Quintal, joined Margarida.
The new menu was set in March and became even more Portuguese, with dishes such as duck rice, Bacalhau à Brás (Codfish with crisps stirred with egg), but also more sophisticated delicacies such as sea bass Tartar or Beef Tataki. At O Quintal there’s  also sheep cheese from Azeitão, curd from a small producer of Serra da Estrela, Mr bread from Mr Broa, fish from Peixaria Centenária, fruit from Horta do Bairro and sweet potato  from Campos Silvestres. The atmosphere leads customers to think they are at their best friend’s house, a place where time doesn’t seem to pass.
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