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Pierre Hermé Paris

A sweet temptation

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Like a child longing for a sweet that was larger than his face, Pierre Hermé grew up exploring the flavours, such as marshmallow, tarte bourdaloue, rice pudding and crêpes Suzette. After a few years, he concluded that there are combinations of flavours that mark us to the point where we feel invaded by a delicious pleasure, without a clue as to its origin. It is at that moment that a bond is created which, later on, if well worked on, can be relived as intensely as the first time.
Today, Pierre Hermé’s legs have grown, and his heart is sweeter and more joyful. Nevetheless, to remember is to live, and that was the reason behind the creation of the new collection. Time Retrouvé is nothing less and nothing more than a velvety, sweet, tender and free universe, where nostalgic sprinkles hang in the air and the sweet memories call the shots. It is a collection that heads off in search of childhood flavours and, when it finds them, perfects them, with brushstrokes inspired by the trends of the contemporary world. Anyone can find their own story inside an artistic box, which combines poetry, autumnal colours, fiery flowers and nuggets of gold. But all emotional stories should be preserved and revealed only to those who deserve that privilege, and that’s why Pierre Hermé Paris keeps them secret, protected by a golden thread that only unravels at the speed of thought when it reaches the right destination.
A collection that heads of in search of childhood flavours

Everything is now in place to meet the stars of the collection, recalling that it will be a tough exercise to refrain from drooling. Caramel, orange and Grand-Marnier liqueur are the trio making up the Macaron Crêpe Suzettte, an excellent starting point to fuel the heart with the nostalgic taste of crepes Suzette. Moving on to the palette of striking colours, the Macaron Rose Bonbon is colourful highlight, the Barbie of the collection, made of marshmallow, that flavour that won’t leave the palate because you can never taste it enough. Macaron Infiniment Réglisse is another option, based on the indefinable flavours of liquorice, but in case that isn’t to your fancy, there is always Macaron Opéra, Macaron Citron Et Pâte Sablée and Macaron Huile D'Olive Et Vanille, where chocolate, lemon and vanilla reign respectively. But Pierre Hermé Paris didn’t leave it at that. In miniature format and with refinement of another level, the brand recalls traditional pastisserie with six iconic models. The highlight goes to the Tarte Saint-Honoré, a Saint-Honoré cake in small, where size does not compromise the magic between the softness of the sponge, the fleetingness of the whipped cream and the regressive flavour of the caramel. If you still have room to continue this taste-filled journey, you can still try the coffee sponge cake, the supremacy of the pistachio, the smoothness of the pear compote and the divine caramel rice pudding.
So, after this whirlwind of sensations, emotions and contrasts, can you confirm that Pierre Hermé Paris is indeed the «Picasso of Pastry»?
Joana Rebelo
T. Joana Rebelo
P. Rights Reserved
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