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Domi Canis Cattus

Luxury eco-hotel for cats and dogs

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Domi Canis Cattus is a canine and feline eco-hotel in Vila do Conde designed from scratch for this purpose. Located in a green rural area, this is a project never seen before in Portugal. It was designed to house cats and dogs temporarily, and it consists of three interconnected buildings: one dedicated to felines, another to canines and a third dedicated to public care, which includes reception, shop, bath area and shearing, the vet's office, the administrative area and the provided toilets. All spaces have been designed to offer animals the ideal conditions for their well-being, including outdoor areas, where there is a training and recreational park, as well as a swimming pool. The construction of Domi Canis Cattus ended in 2019 and the hotel is already available. The project is authored by the so many times awarded architect from the north of the country Raulino Silva.

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