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Four Seasons Private Jet Experience

Four Seasons Luxury in the skies

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Entering service in 2021, the aircraft will provide the guests who are staying at Four Seasons luxury hotel chain, an exclusive travel experience on a private plane. This is Airbus NEO family A321LR, which is part of the Four Seasons Private Jet Experience programme. This programme offers a three-week excursion with air and land transportation, plus accommodation and meals in the company hotels and resorts. The A321LR has new engines and Sharklets on the wings – plus extra fuel tanks in the cargo hold. These features give A321LR the efficiency and reach to fly nonstop to historical places around the world, maintaining the ability to land at nearby airports. The airplane has 48 custom-made seats by Optimares, with leather from Italian producer Poltrona Frau. Those aboard the aircraft will enjoy luxury air travelling, which icludes the presence of a chef who will prepare menus inspired by the various destinations. There will also be workshops with mixologists and art experts, who will then accompany tourists on a visit to some locations. The plane will have a lounge, with a bar, and elegant beds, for when passengers are exhausted. Moreover, there is a concern to promote socialization among passengers, that’s why the seats are combined with poufs, allowing travellers to talk face-to-face and not just side by side. Each seat will come equipped with an individual iPad for streaming video. According to the hotel group, the new aircraft is the extension of the comfort and style of Four Seasons hotels... taken to heaven.

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