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Lily Beach Resort & Spa

«The last paradise on Earth»

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Although it is a small island nation located in the Indian Ocean, southwest of Sri Lanka and India, the Republic of Maldives consists of about 1200 islands, 203 of which  are inhabited. Synonymous with dream destination for ordinary mortals, with its tropical climate, consistent throughout the year, and white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters contributing to this reputation, the Maldives are in truth much more than what can be seen on postcards, and you need to actually feel them to be able to perceive the reason why the country is so often called «the last paradise on Earth».

A holiday in the Maldives will always include a rich and vibrant culture, that incredible scenery of palm-covered islands, white sandy beaches and transparent waters that reflect the deep blue of the sky and are home to a wonderful underwater world. But, within this paradise, there is one that is even more astounding. Lily Beach Resort & Spa enjoys a great international reputation for its pristine beaches, lush tropical vegetation and exotic coral just a few metres from the coast. Its location, on the spectacular Ari Atoll, places Huvahendhoo Island close to some of the world’s most incredible diving sites. Peace, serenity and a breathtaking natural setting, combined with excellent facilities and services, make Lily Beach a perfect place for a relaxing, fun stay, whether with your family, or holidaying as a couple.

Its location, on the spectacular Ari Atoll, places Huvahendhoo Island close to some the world’s most incredible diving sites.

From the International Airport in Malé, the capital of the country, a seaplane transports guests to this five-star resort, built respecting the environment entirely. Lily Beach Resort & Spa is a fusion of contemporary design and traditional Maldives architecture. The villas combine all the ingredients for a unique holiday in the Maldives and the various options allow guests to choose the setting where they want to wake up every morning. 
With four restaurants, three bars and following an all-inclusive system, Lily Beach Resort & Spa is also unforgettable for the variety and richness of flavours. The main buffet style restaurant, Lily Maa (Maa is the local word for flowers), transforms guests into genuine gourmands. Even if you stay in the same place, a different world cuisine every day, made by renowned chefs, whisks you off to various parts of the world, accompanied by an exclusive selection of 80 premium wines from the most varied countries.
A large assortment of activities proposed by the resort, such as diving, windsurfing, walks to nearby towns, boat trips, etc., compete with the wonderful Tamara Spa, where exotic aromas blend with the sea breeze, where a glass floor allows you to look at the marine life below and where holistic journeys of absolute relaxation begin, with wellness and beauty packages to suit every desire and need. And when the sun sets in the middle of the sea and relaxed luxury gives way to refinement, the resort ensures entertainment, such as live bands, DJs or its Bodu Beru shows, a very popular form of music and dance in the Maldives. Or it guarantees horizons of sea, as you swing in a hammock, take a dip in your private swimming pool, or dangle your feet over the water, while herons cross through the drab sky that tomorrow should be blue!

Lily Beach Resort & Spa is a fusion of contemporary design and traditional Maldives architecture. 

T. Maria Amélia Pires
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