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Sublime Comporta

The Olympus of the Alentejo coast

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If there’s one adjective that fits this place perfectly, it’s ‘sublime’. For the comfort, for the landscape, for the food, for everything. Sublime Comporta is set within a 17-hectare protected estate, surrounded by umbrella pines, cork oaks, wild dunes, rice paddies and more than 60 kilometres of white sandy beaches. The place where time stands still. The place where serenity stares us in the face and forces us to put on the brakes. Genuine and in complete symbiosis with nature, each space has been thought through in detail, with a view to the well-being of anyone seeking this refuge which is no less than the Olympus of the Alentejo coast.
Located a little over an hour from Lisbon, the estate has 23 rooms and suites and 22 villas with between two and five bedrooms. Each villa has been prepared to welcome guests with the height in comfort, whatever the time of year. They have a private pool, but also a fireplace. And the outdoor areas are very extensive. The fact that they are scattered throughout the property contributes to the privacy of each guest. A luxury hotel, with no need for ostentation. Sublime, therefore.

Bringing you a selection of Portuguese and Alentejo recipes, revamped by chef Hélio Gonçalves

In 2019, the unit became even more committed to its sustainable vocation. Inspired by the mythical palafite port of Carrasqueira, built by local fishermen over 50 years ago, Sublime Comporta launched its Bio-Pool Suites. Charming ‘Comporta style’ cabins, built on wooden stilts, set above an impressive biological pool, which is one of the largest in Europe and whose water is treated exclusively with aquatic plants.
Another aspect worth mentioning is the fact that the interior design has taken care to bring together renowned brands that showcase pieces bought in the region, which tell the story of the area and contribute to supporting the local community.

The Sublime Comporta team can also organise a wide variety of activities, both inside and outside the hotel

Maintaining its stance of paying tribute to the best of Portuguese tradition and heritage, Sublime Comporta has opened its Sem Porta restaurant, bringing you a selection of Portuguese and Alentejo recipes, revamped by chef Hélio Gonçalves, who uses the best regional ingredients, some grown in the hotel’s organic garden. Among other dishes, highlights include Roast Cod in Homemade Cornbread; Iberian Black Pork; traditional Alentejo Açorda Stew with Scarlet Shrimps and Leg of Lamb with Giblet Rice. To round it all off, browse through the wine list, highlighted by the own label wines.
Maintaining its commitment to giving nature the main role in its experiences, the Sublime Spa uses locally sourced ingredients, such as rice and sea salt, essential oils and certified plants. The hotel also has a sauna, steam room, indoor heated pool, a fully equipped gym with weekly fitness programmes, tennis and paddle courts and a room for yoga and Pilates.
To close on a high, the Sublime Comporta team can also organise, both inside and outside the hotel, a wide variety of activities, such as horse riding through the rice fields, picnics on a deserted beach, excursions to the palafite port of Carrasqueira, wine tasting, oyster tasting and bicycle rides. What more could you ask for?

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