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Adega do Castanheirinho

From wine to classic cars

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The Adega do Castanheirinho winery is located in the town of Aguada de Cima, in the municipality of Águeda, and is surrounded by agricultural and forest land. Its 550 square metres result from the creative design by architect João Albano Fernandes, who took the client’s wishes into account. Stood on an elevated part of the land, the three gabled volumes are directly related, in terms of connection and functionality. Outside, in a predominantly green setting, whiteness and clean and simple lines stand out. The building is entirely clad in white sheet metal: walls, roof, doors and garage doors.
The building has two floors, one of which is buried. The basement floor is a large storage space that is favoured by the thermal conditions of being below ground. The ground floor houses a production area, a tasting room, toilet facilities and a garage with room for four cars to house part of the client’s collection of vintage cars. The two floors are serviced by a service lift, which will carry freight between floors.

The winepress at the end, slightly elevated, is like an ‘altar of wine’.

The production zone is an unashamedly dramatic space in terms of volume, due to its high ceilings and the steep slopes of the pitched roof. The winepress at the end, slightly elevated, is like an ‘altar of wine’: it takes on a scenic quality. At the customer’s request, glazed windows were installed between the garage and the production area, ensuring a two-way view between the two areas, while the garage appears as if a kind of showroom for the impeccably preserved vintage cars. Inside, white and sheet metal no longer rule, rather richer materials, colours and textures, such as concrete, wood and microcement. Epoxy was chosen for the flooring and panelling of the work areas, as durability was a requirement. Completed in 2018, we believe that aromas of must will soon fill the four corners of the Adega do Castanheirinho winery!

T. Maria Amélia Pires
P. Ivo Tavares Studio
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