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AirWood – 'inflatable' wood

ARCA-Atelier de Recherche et de Création en Ameublement

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He was only 23 years old when he built his own carpentry in France, together with a colleague. This is how ARCA (Atelier de Recherche et de Création en Ameublement) was born. After working the wood for years, Steven Leprizé and his colleague became known for giving it a flexibility never before achieved. To the traditional and handcrafted methods they combined new techniques and new materials. They are the creators of AirWood, 'inflatable' wood panels. The panels come with a hydraulic system that manages the injections and extractions (being ' inflatable ', it swells and empties), although the process can be manual. They have been used for logos, lighting and signage, even though the possibilities are endless. Before initiating the materialization of any idea, Steven always uses a sketch, to then perform design modelling, in computer and 3D. The price of this technology depends on the quantity requested, the type of wood used and the speed of inflation and desired extraction. In addition to the use for corporate logos, there is no doubt that this innovation offers the wood ergonomic and design possibilities never seen before. ARCA has received some awards over the years, as the one conquered in 2017, due to the design of the Marsupio table, with a technology to which the creators called WooWood. This peculiar working table has the particularity of having integrated pockets for storing folders and even lighting. This means that the furniture is deformed according to customer needs.

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