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Artur Miranda and Jacques Bec - Oitoemponto

«Combination of one eye shared by two»

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Artur Miranda (left) e Jacques Bec (right)

Oitoemponto is a Portuguese brand founded in 1993 by the talented hands of Artur Miranda and Jacques Bec, two different, and sometimes «turbulent», but always complementary, eyes on the same reality. With a modern vision of decoration, which nevertheless includes past, present and future, and does not chase after trends, Oitoemponto stands out for its strikingly luxurious projects, high-end segment of the market in mind, which are always result of «a desire not to be original, just different». Throughout this «extraordinary» adventure, Oitoemponto has been breaking down the barriers of established codes and setting itself apart through by distinctive creations, whether in terms of interior design or architecture. Although the journey has already been a long one, the creators of the well-known brand confess: «We feel we still have much more ahead!» And we feel the same!

Oitoemponto was founded in 1993. How has this adventure been?
Extraordinary! Oitoemponto is a true combination of one eye shared by two people, a way of looking at our surroundings, an awareness of relentless changes, and a desire not to be original, just different. Assumedly anti-mainstream, dedicated to the art of living and to art, to comfort and to curiosity in the time and world we live in. The journey has already been a long one, but we feel we still have a lot more ahead!

What is the reason behind the studio’s name?
Oitoemponto (eight on the dot), above all else, for its exactitude! Secondly, for its punctuality, and, thirdly, for the question itself – why? Of course it is also the symbol for infinity, a symbol of luck and the black pool ball...
«Our [Artur and Jacques] creative process is entirely distinct and complementary»
How do Artur Miranda and Jacques Bec get it together during the creative process? Do you agree? Do you complement each other? Do you disagree?
Our creative process is rather ‘turbulent’. There are four eyes to look at the same circumstance, even if our final vision is very close to each others’! Our creative process is entirely distinct and complementary, since we both position ourselves at a very different angle, even when we observe the same piece.

You like history, the past, handcraft, comfort, luxury. How do you combine timelessness with trends?
There is no future without a present and there is no present without a past. We do not seek to follow trends; we follow cultural, social and economic movements more closely. Our work has no intention to be a statement of our time, rather the reflection of it.

And how do you combine history with comfort?
An excellent object or piece of furniture, created in a different period, has its place in our projects. Sometimes the aesthetic quality is reflected in the visual comfort, other times the ergonomic quality greatly contributes to the overall comfort!
«Architecture at Oitoemponto proved to be a logical consequence»
It may be a cliché, but there’s always this inevitable question: what inspires you?
Everything! Our greatest inspiration is people, their habits, their needs, which carry us to a wider group. Actually, the light of a place, the movement of a city, colour, textures, art, fashion, comfort… also play a very important role.

In 2007 you decided to include architectural services at Oitoemponto. What was goal behind this?
Architecture at Oitoemponto proved to be a logical consequence, as our clients were increasingly looking for our services in this area. Another fact behind us having moved in this direction was our passion for discipline.

Is there any project developed by Oitoemponto, from architecture to interior design, for which you feel particularly proud, because it was a great challenge?
There is indeed a project that required, in addition to the usual research work, a very thorough and technical study – the Quinta do Pessegueiro Winery. The technical and logistical requirements proved to be an extremely demanding and stimulating challenge, as well as rewarding one, in the end!

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