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Roofs that seem to float

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Roof/Birds is a guesthouse located on a slope in a forest in Japan, known as the natural habitat of wild birds. To minimize the impact on natural environment and not to disturb the birds, Kengo Kuma and Associates studio designed a set of small buildings. The most remarkable are the wooden roofs inclined at different angles that fit with the entire surroundings and seem to levitate between the trees. The roofs with midwater float in bodies made of glass with structures that are looking for the highest level of luminosity, such as the pillars made of steel profiles. 
Kengo Kuma is a contemporary Japanese architect born in 1954. He was the author of works of major importance, including the fabulous Granada Performing Arts Centre. Just like many famous architects, Kengo Kuma also strives to design the furniture that decorates the spaces he designs. On Roof/Birds it wasn’t different. Wicker chairs, ceramic and wood elements, among other pieces made with natural materials, were elected to inhabit the space, creating a kind of unity and a connection between the interior and the exterior. The furniture of Kuma, besides being a reinterpretation of the Japanese handicraft, also combines design, functionality and durability. 
From 22nd June to 18th August, to highlight the relationship of collaboration between the architect and the Team & Style, at this latter manufacturer showroom, visitors will be able to explore all products designed by the architect and produced by the company in the last ten years, in an exhibition called Furniture that blends into the surroundings.

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