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Souto de Moura - Memória, Projectos, Obras (Souto de Moura - Memory, Projects, Works)

Casa da Arquitectura – October 18th, 2019 to September 2020

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On October 18th, Casa da Arquitectura will inaugurate, Souto de Moura - Memória, Projectos, Obras,  a retrospective exhibition on the renowned Portuguese architect’s path. According to Casa da Arquitectura - Portuguese Centre of Architecture, «This is the first monographic exhibition dedicated to Souto de Moura and the biggest that  Casa da Arquitectura has hosted  so far», conceived from the works taken from the Pritzker Prize 2011collection. Curated by the architectural historian Francesco Dal Co, from the University Institute of Architecture Venice, and the architect Nuno Graça Moura, this exhibition allows «a unique and rare monographic reading of the work of someone who is considered one of the most prestigious Portuguese architects ever, being the first reading extracted from the enormous collection that the architect took there last May, which includes 604 models, about 8500 drawings and all the textual and photographic documentation that complements the projects»,  a universe from which about 40 were selected for the exhibition. The exhibition «will have an exhibiting area of 950 square meters and the House gallery with 150 square meters. The material of the exhibition is all original and most of it never exhibited before. It is strictly presented as stated in the archive of the Casa da Arquitectura, without any manipulation or any omission». It will also be developed a programme of activities parallel to the exhibition, which includes conferences, debates, guided tours and other subjects (such as music, through concerts), conceived by the curators and the Director of Casa da Arquitectura, Nuno Sampaio. The public presentation of Souto de Moura - Memória, Projectos, Obras exhibition, which will be on until September 2020, will be held on October 16th, at Casa da Arquitectura, in Matosinhos, in Porto district.

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