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The Treetop Experience

At the top of the forest

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Dubbed The Treetop Experience, this is a 45 meter high tower from which you can see the top of the trees. It’s in Denmark, at Camp Adventure, at about 50 minutes drive from Copenhagen. To get to the top of this sustainable construction, one should start with a walk through the forest of Gisselfeld Klosters Skove, which has several areas to relax, explore and learn, after scrolling through 600 metres in a spiral, with no steps. The architect of EFFEKT studio, Tue Hesselberg, is the author of the project. He says that «the idea is to bring a lot of people to the Woods, for a unique walk in the forest. It's a sort of a vertical forest path that leads people from the ground, through the trunks of trees, to the top, where the wind rushes through our hair, we feel dizzy and we can appreciate the landscape». The highest point of this tower, with a 360 degree view, is about 20 metres above the treetops and, when the sky is clear, it is possible to see the neighbouring country: Sweden.

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