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Introduced last January, at the 2019 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Viegas, an impressive folding tv, the LG OLED TV's Signature OLED TV R, will have a 65-inch OLED Panel. In 2016, it was just a demonstration. In 2018, it became a prototype. Now, in 2019, the foldable tv from LG is finally a reality and will be soon in the market. It’s a 4 k TV, but one of its greatest features is the ability of the Panel to disappear into the box that is on the base. This means that, the tv is foldable and the brand ensures that it brings no quality loss. On the other hand, when turned on, you can set the size as intended. Everything happens in about 10 seconds and silently. All you have to do is push a button to open or close completely. In addition to the traditional full view mode, there is also a Line Mode, where only a quarter of the screen is visible. This format has been especially created to listen to music and handle all your gadgets smart household, i.e. everything that doesn't involve watching images on the screen. The LG also includes some environmental modes that simulate a fireplace or the sound of the rain. The OLED TV R's Signature is equipped with the WebOS operating system and brings the Google source digital assistant. LG says that during the year 2019, they will add the support for Amazon's Assistant, Alexa.

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