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Mi Bunny Reading Pen

The pen that tells stories

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The Chinese giant Xiaomi keeps surprising. This time it has designed a new smart device, the Mi Bunny Reading Pen, an optical pen that serves as a «storyteller» and that also has translation skills. Through the recognition of printed text on paper, the device is able to read it ‘out loud’ and even translate from English to Chinese and vice versa – with the right smart pronunciation certification. The pen aims to help the little ones to learn a new language, improving their social thought, logic and cognitive thinking. Compatible with 22 illustrated stories, Mi Bunny Reading Pen can also recognize illustrations, by giving even more interaction. The manufacturer ensures that its new product will become compatible with even more stories in the future and, in addition, new methods of learning will also be implemented. Mi Bunny Reading Pen is released with 2000 integrated English words from the factory, and has recently arrived in shops all over China. It is not known if the accessory will also be adapted to other markets and commercialized.

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