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PRIO.GO fuel allowance payment

An app available for Android and iOS

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Although fuel price is the biggest of our problems, there are some other problems that are related to the simple act of filling the car with petrol. Having to get out of the car and sometimes having to be waiting in ‘slow’ lines are some of them. Prio, however, wants to make life easier for drivers. That’s why it has developed an app that allows you to pay fuel without having to leave the car. It's called PRIO. GO and this app allows reducing the waiting time, improving the experience, facilitating the supply at the same time that it simplifies the users’ lives. It’s another step towards our strategy of digitization, enabling us to place PRIO as a company of «future energies for mobility», says Pedro Morais Leitão, a Prio’s CEO. Through geo-location, the app can identify the rank in which the driver is and allows users to select the type and the amount of fuel that will be consumed. Once the payment method is selected, the trip may precede. The app is now available for Android and iOS.

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