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New amulet from the Rose des Vents collection

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The compass point accompanied Christian Dior throughout his life, from his childhood in Granville, Normandy, where the motif punctuated the décor of the family home. Behind this timeless symbol of adventure and travel, we find the pink, favorite flower of the stylist, but also the star, this amulet of luck from which he was never separated from. Rose des Vents was launched in 2015, but Victoire de Castellane each year adds new gems to the collection. This time, dior's designer and artistic director continues the history of the Rose des Vents collection with a new amulet. In this new chapter, she reinterprets the heart, a symbol esteemed by Monsieur Dior. A braided grain of rice comes around the medallion that rotates in its current, to the side of the hard stone, or to the side of the heart, according to the movements. The necklace is made of yellow gold, diamonds and mother-of-pearl.


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