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Hublot, one of the most prestigious Swiss watchmakes has presented its new models in Genève, Switzerland and they promise to snatch those who cannot live without luxury, technology and style. Big Bang Paraíba is one of the latest news. For the first time ever, a watchmaker has decorated a watch with a turquoise brilliance. Hublot has electrified its Big Bang with the naturally vibrant and intense colours of the rare Paraíba Tourmaline. Another watch presented at the event was the Classic Fusion Tourbillon Orlinski, a three-dimensional and sculptural watch that displays modernity in all of its facets and can be acquired in sapphire, King Gold or ceramic.
And as the sky has never been its limit, Hublot has also created the Spirit of Big Bang Yellow Sapphire, which is sun-coloured, energising, luminous and brilliant. Also Big Bang Unico White 42mm has a new, more relaxed and timeless version. Finally Classic Fusion AeroFusion Chronograph Orlinski Red Magicis has been paired with Hublot’s patented red ceramic and is now available in the colour of passion. To complement its Big Bang models, the Swiss brand has added eight new models  One Click, to its revolutionary collection of interchangeable bracelets. 
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