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Hydrogen powered Luxury yacht

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If the automobile world has long thought of a more environmentally friendly mobility, when it comes to boats, little or nothing has been done, and even less when talking about luxury yachts or boats. However, Dutch design studio Sinot recently unveiled in Monaco the Aqua superyacht prototype, fully powered by liquid hydrogen. Aqua will cover a range of 3750 nautical miles, the equivalent to almost 7000 kilometres, allowing it to travel for example, from Portugal to Brazil without needing to refuel. In addition to being aesthetically impressive, it also has a significant power, achieving power supply up to 4 megawatts, also powering two 1 megawatt electric motors and two 300 kw forward thrusters. The ship will also have a battery that provides electricity and is charged by the fuel cell. Its top speed reaches 17 knots, which is roughly 31 km/h. If its size (112 meters length) and its exterior impress, its 'valences' also leave no one indifferent: a small water cascade, a pool, a lounge with rotating loungers, a helipad... and a lot of luxury. But there's a caveat! The presented prototype is only three meters length and Aqua will only be manufactured if there’s someone interested in paying this luxurious and ecological super yacht.

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