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Audi stands out at DTM in Hockenheim

100% Audi Podium

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Audi had an awesome weekend in Hockenheim, Germany, at DTM competition. René Rast (Audi Sport RS5 DTM, with a two-cylinder turbo engine of two litters and 610 HP), after losing the 1st race of the circuit, reacted with a dominant 2 piloting, held on Sunday, May 5th. Rast outstood in an early stage of the circuit. Loïc Duval abandoned on lap 5 after jamming in a box of gravel. Even with 32 laps to go, René decided to pit-stop (stop during the race). When the others did the same, the Audi pilot would become the  leader, except with more worn tires. It wasn't a problem, as already leading the race, the 2017 champion was able to print a faster pace and at the same time respecting the one who was right behind. It was the seventh victory of Rast in the past eight races of DTM. Nico Müller crossed the finish line in second, but approximately 8 seconds after Rast. Robin Frijns, with brand new tires in the final part of the race, beat Bruno Spengler, reaching third place. This way, the podium was 100% Audi’s. 
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