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BMW and McLaren

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With a Long Beach Blue paint finish, which matches the official colour of the BMW M2 Coupé, the BMW Cruise M Bike Limited Edition - with only 1500 units produced - pays tribute to the aforementioned compact sports car from the German manufacturer. The BMW Cruise M Bike Limited Edition has an aluminium and carbon fibre frame, which brings strength and power, without adding weight. With 28-inch wheels, a 30-gear system and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, it has all the tools you need to accelerate in straight lines or around winding roads.

Inspired by the McLaren 570S, the 600LT has a modified carbon fibre body, making it 7.3cm longer than the 570S. To reach a weight of 1247 kg, the 600LT has received everything that McLaren Special Operations has developed in terms of lightweight materials, such as the carbon fibre roof and front air intakes in the same material. While the 570S boasts 570 hp, the 600LT is even more powerful, rising to 600 hp. It is not yet known how many units will be produced, but guesses are that it will be an extremely limited edition. Assembly starts in October.

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