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The superyacht of the skies

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Dubai Airshow saw German company Lufthansa Technik reveal the details of its new VIP Explorer aircraft, inspired by the way superyachts fulfil their owners’ wishes: taking them almost anywhere, at any time, with sophistication, comfort and a wide range of leisure activities on board.
Let’s take a look at these details. The Explorer concept envisages a drastic conversion of so-called normal jets. Lufthansa Technik’s proposal is based on an Airbus A330 and the aircraft’s first strong point might not sound especially luxurious, but it is unlike anything you have ever seen. We’re referring to the cargo door, which actually turns into a spacious balcony. Of course, this can only work when the plane is stationary, at a time when, for example, you want to watch a sunset while sipping a glass of wine.
The second major attraction is the leisure area, which can be used as a dining room, yoga studio or dance floor. This would suit someone who wants to organise parties on board. And what stands out most in this area is a system designed by the German company Diehl, with 20-30 built-in projectors, which allow you to have images on the ceiling and sides creating impressive scenarios. For example, clouds, giving the impression of being in an aircraft with a glass ceiling; another allows you to see fish and sea creatures swimming, giving you the sensation of being underwater. Among thousands of patterns to choose from.

They call it the Explorer precisely for its multifunction capabilities

The A330 will also contain four luxury suites; a garage on the lower deck, which can be seen through a glass window from the main deck; a spa and a small fitness room. And it also has room to install an intensive care unit if required. Although it was designed for the exclusive use of just 12 passengers, the solution is mouldable and the unit can adapt to a larger number.
They call it Explorer precisely for its multifunction capabilities, something the creators admit to having stolen from the yachting world.
383 million Euros is how much Lufthansa estimates it will need to transform an Airbus A330 into an absolute premium means of transport. For now, it is still a concept, but the German company guarantees that it is ready to accept orders for its construction. 
T. Filomena Abreu
P. Lufthansa Technik
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