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Luxury has taken over the country’s roads

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Sales are up at Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley and Ferrari, in contrast to Maserati and Aston Martin. Luxury car sales have skyrocketed in Portugal throughout 2019: according to figures compiled by the Portuguese Automobile Association (ACAP), some of the most exclusive (and explosive) brands that can be found accelerating on Portuguese roads are enjoying a very positive sales year. 
In terms of percentage – and with regard to the most recent data accumulated between January and October this year – the brand to grow the most was German brand Porsche: it sold 619 cars, compared to 207 sold in the same period last year, thus resulting in a huge growth of 199%.
Slightly behind, but not far, comes Lamborghini, which sold 19 cars, 171.4% more than the seven it had placed in the market by October 2018. Bentley comes next, having sold 20 units, compared to the 14 sold in the first ten months of last year, an increase of 42.9%. Ferrari sold 23 vehicles, three more than last year, a 15% increase.
On the other side of the statistics we find Maserati and Aston Martin. The Italian brand was favoured by only 17 buyers, when, by October 2018, it had won over 36 customers – a 52.8% decrease. The UK’s most iconic brand sold only six units, compared with the previous year’s 10, a 40% drop.
The absolute winner of the most expensive car ‘race’ is Jaguar, which sold 739 cars between January and October this year, precisely the same number as in the same period last year.
Adding all the figures together, it can be concluded that, for that period of time, 1,434 top of the range cars were sold in Portugal, 40% more than the 1,024 sold in the same period last year.

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