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Porsche and Boeing

Premium flying car

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Porsche and Boeing have signed a memorandum establishing cooperation in the development of an urban air mobility vehicle and the extension of car traffic to the sky. This vehicle should operate identically to what Uber is preparing: a car that takes off and lands vertically. Detlev von Platen, a member of Porsche AG's Executive Board Sales & Marketing, said that «Porsche hopes to improve its operation as a sports car manufacturer by becoming the leading brand in terms of premium mobility» adding, «We are combining the forces of two leading global companies to work on a potential future key segment». In addition to innovation, the partnership is based on concepts such as style and design, since the goal is to design a luxury vehicle, unlike Uber, which aims to develop a flying taxi system for the masses. In order to make the luxury flying car become a reality, an international team will be created to work on this business area, and the test of a prototype is already on the horizon.

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